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Deanna Griffin

Why Load Testing Can Help to Make Your Site More Reliable

June 22 2016, 03:32am

Posted by Deanna Griffin

If you're a regularly user of computers-and most people today are-you likely know how annoying it can be to load information onto your site. Depending on your computer's speed, it can seemingly take forever before you even load onto your site.

This is not good, especially if you have a business online, or you have important contacts or clients to maintain; you or they can't take forever to contact one another. This illustrates the importance of load testing.

What is load testing? Load testing is the practice of subjecting one's computer to testing its' demand or response. it helps to test the capacity or response of the computer's operation system, in others words, the purpose is to see how long it takes for the user to contact websites. It is also known as stress testing.

If loading takes an unreasonably longer period of time than would normally take, then that could mean that your computer's operation system has a serious problem. Perhaps it has too much information stored that is slowing down your computer or it might be due to a computer virus. If this is the case, then the above kind of test may be necessary.

But how does a user perform such a load testing? There are load testing software available that can help you to this end. It will walk you through the software and show you what you need to do to load test your computer's operation system ans perhaps what needs to be cleaned up before your computer can be up-and-running again.


Load testing is good for one's computer, it's sort of like jump-starting the computer for its most optimum performance, and for a user like yourself, you want to make sure that your computer performs at its very best.

A computer can be a delicate machine, if you take care of it properly then it will be there for you, if not, then you will pay the consequences for it later, thus the need for the above stress test. So, if your website is acting up and taking too long to load, then a load testing is the best test to take.

When it comes to load testing and stress testing, there are a number of options available both free and paid. You can use tools like Apache JMeter (mentioned elsewhere on this blog) which are free but you need to run them on your server, or a paid tool. When it comes to paid tools there are paid, and low-cost paid tools. For example, LoadView is a tool that isn't necessarily cheap but they manage everything for you and you don't need to deal with any setup on your own other than specifying what the tests need to do (you can visit their official site online). There's also another option called Redline 13 which is almost free, but requires some setup. In terms of which one is best, it's really up to you and your idividual testing needs. 

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