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Deanna Griffin

Should Your Stress or Load Test Your Website?

June 29 2016, 03:32am

Posted by Deanna Griffin

After a site has been created and is ready to be made available for users, one thing should be considered. It is pre-testing the website and having a good feel of what users are likely to experience when using the site. Stressing or loading site is critical that it is better to prepare for an outcome than having no idea of what it will be or how users will react to it. As much as the website is designed for the user, the site owner should try fit into the user’s situation by pre-testing every part of the web and react to it to know what they expect.


Some systems in a website are easy to figure out for a user and easy to hack. If a site has not been driven through a load test, it is not easy to find out if some of the sites can be hacked. Currently, many website holders have the problem like that of Google Chrome auto filling every part including the password. They can never know how to handle it if they do not put their self in the user position.


Stressing a website helps identify if it has an ability to survive when an under pressure. For example, when the site is subject to massive crowd the owner should know how much stress it can handle, and the possibilities of it are breaking down. By conducting a stress test on a system the owner of the website can develop policy strategies that can improve performance for the site even when under pressure. Good performance attracts more users to a site. If you're looking to test your website's performance, you can do this in a variety of ways. You can use a paid service in order to conduct a load test. One example could be LoadView (www.loadview-testing.com). LoadView is nice because they allow you a lot of flexibility when it comes to testing. You can find out more about LoadView on their website. Another option is using your own server to run Apache JMeter, which is a free tool. You can read about that at jmeter.apache.org

Website Future

If any site owner is interested in creating a future that is stable for their site, they will go for both load testing and stress testing. The two types of testing subject a site to different processes, processes that are to be used by users in future. Knowing how the site will react to certain commands if subjected to them in future creates a healthy future for the site.


SEO Rank

Loading and stressing a site makes easy for it to get high ranks. It is because during loading and stressing the issues identified are solved and the site is made efficient for all users. Users are attracted to the website that quickly responds to commands and those sites usually have been pretested.


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